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Contract Claims

We empower our federal contractor clients to secure fair outcomes in claims against the US government. We offer comprehensive representation and counsel for a wide range of issues arising under the Contract Disputes Act across diverse industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Information Systems & Technology
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services

We collaborate closely with our clients to navigate the complexities of litigating claims at agencies, boards, and courts. We provide counsel in defending against government claims seeking recoupment of funds or contract termination. Our primary focus on supporting clients engaged in the federal contracting industry ensures we provide trusted counsel on a spectrum of legal issues impacting contractors, including but not limited to:

  • Contract Breach: Ensuring you receive fair compensation for the government's breach of contractual obligations.
  • Changes: Negotiate fair adjustments for government-directed contract scope changes or performance requirements changes.
  • Cost Claims: Recovering unexpected costs incurred due to government-caused delays, changes, or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Terminations: Protecting you from wrongful contract terminations and seeking appropriate compensation.

We understand the unique challenges federal contractors face in the performance of federal contracts. We engage in frank and open discussions with our clients to help them understand how existing case law applies to specific facts of their respective claims at various stages of litigation.

So our clients and prospective clients may understand and stay up to date with their rights and options throughout the claims process, we provide a dedicated Featured Insights Claims Litigation section on our website and other firm channels. While these articles do not constitute legal advice, they often serve as a good initial resource for prospective clients. Contractors use these insights to contextualize and assess the circumstances surrounding their own federal contract claims issues, allowing them to seek legal counsel from a better-informed position.

Existing clients may also access featured insight articles specific to their industry and points of interest on their respective dedicated TILLIT LAW PLLC Client Portals. Some of the most recent Claims Litigation Featured Insights are also provided on this page for ease of reference.

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Featured Insights


While there are ways in which subcontractors may achieve privity of contract, they may not generally bring direct claims against the Government due to a lack of privity. Therefore, subcontractor claims against the Government are typically asserted by prime contractors as pass-through claims....

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Due to the highly regulated nature of federal government contracts, their formation and administration are governed by a well-defined set of rules. Despite this, government contracts rely on a foundation of mutual trust and cooperation between the government and its contractors. Parts of this invisible layer of obligation are embedded in the implied duties of cooperation, good faith, and fair dealing. Therefore, while related and somewhat...


Government officials often direct contractors to perform contract work in a specific manner that is not detailed in the contract. If such orders increase the scope of performance beyond the specifications contained in the contract, they may be construed as constructive changes. Government officials often give such orders, believing they naturally fall within the scope of performance. However, if such direct Government orders expand the scope...