Global Referral Network


As a member firm participating in the Global Referral Network (GRN), TILLIT LAW PLLC is committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions to U.S. federal contractors around the world. The GRN is a multinational network of legal and financial firms working with businesses around the world. When appropriate, we partner with and refer our clients to other reputable attorneys and law firms, ensuring they receive comprehensive outside counsel services with the personalized attention their matters deserve.

The GRN focuses on providing an effective platform to seamlessly address and meet global client needs thanks to a personal and collaborative relationship among select high-quality firms throughout the world. GRN member firms stand by the values of collaboration, strong ethics, deep respect for confidentiality, mutual trust, honesty, and the rule of law.

Each member firm in the Global Referral Network, including TILLIT LAW PLLC, always maintains its independence over the services it provides to its clients.